Facts about the Moon


Moon is said to be the only natural satellite of the Earth. While there are many such satellites in the solar system it has the uniqueness of being the same size as the object around which it orbits. Here are some more interesting facts about the moon that you need to know.

The Size

The moon is about 3476 kilometers in its diameter and though smaller than our planet, it is in fact bigger.

The Distance

The moon is at a distance of 384000 kilometers from the earth. This is relative and the actual distance may vary between 356000 and 406000 kilometers. This movement of the moon affects other planets in the universe which is researched by the astronomers even today.

The Satellite

Moon being the only satellite of the Earth, orbit around a common center of gravity as that of the Earth. This point is called the “Byrycenter”, which is about 4672 kilometers from the center point of the earth.

New Moon

During the new moon day, the Sun, Moon and the Earth come along a straight line. Here, the Sun seems to be at the back of the moon and this makes us to visualize just a small part of the moon in the sky. Just before the New Moon commences the solar eclipse takes place during which we will be unable to see the Sun, as it will be found behind the moon.

Full Moon

In this case too, the Moon, Earth and the Sun form a straight line and the Sun lights the Moon’s side that face us. This is when we will experience a Lunar Eclipse and the moon crosses the Earth’s shadow during this time.

Moon’s Motion

If you track the movement of the moon right from the occurrence of New moon, you could find the moon to shift to another point on the next night. If you wait for less than an hour you will notice the moon to come back to the position it was during the previous night. This second movement is due to the rotation of the earth but the first movement takes place due to the revolution of the moon around the earth in the westward direction.

Moon is always taken as granted as we find them always in the sky. Many have the notion that moon is visible always which is not true. During the New Moon period we may be unable to see the moon at all since it will be surrounded by the Sun itself.

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